Tasting Week 2017

This week was Tasting Week in the Bay Area!

Bay Area Tasting Week is a once-a-year event that aims at educating children about food and taste in general.

L’Ecole Gourmande was part of it last year already, with a fun workshop at Castilleja school in Palo Alto.

This year, the sweet and fun workshop took place at Santa Rita Elementary school in Los Altos. Two groups of 4th and 5th graders learned about the tasks of a pastry chef, the balance of taste, and then learned how to make Chantilly whipped cream by hand. With all the energy they had, these workshops were a great success!


Thank you Maud @ Miss Magic Lantern for the great pictures!

Kids in the Kitchen!

This fall, Chef Guillemette is taking her mobile Ecole Gourmande to several schools of the Bay Area.




One of them is the ISTP in Palo Alto, where Chef Guillemette teaches weekly workshops to children from age 5 to 12. Together they bake, mix, roll out, crumble… and learn a lot about the food culture of France, America and many other countries while having fun!